• Why Franklin?

  • Nick and Stephanie DelVecchio

  • Franklin is the place the Nick and Stephanie DelVecchio have chosen to call home, raise their family and pursue their passion for the outdoors. The couple moved to Cooperstown, PA in the summer of 2017, and started their fly fishing guide service, Wildwood Outfitters, in 2018.

    “The outdoors is so important to our family. We spend our leisure time hiking, fishing, and hunting throughout the state.” When Stephanie, who was raised in the Franklin area, first mentioned it to Nick, she described it as a ‘sportsman’s paradise.’ He didn’t know if she was serious or not, be he found her claim to be true. “We are surrounded by more outdoor recreation opportunities than we could enjoy in ten lifetimes!”

    “I love the small-town feel without being so small it's suffocating. I grew up in a little steel town near Pittsburgh with 2,800 other people so I'm no stranger to small towns,” Nick said. “What sets Franklin apart is the vibrant downtown scene, a plethora of bars, restaurants, and local shops, and some of the finest outdoor recreation in the state.”

    The best thing about the Franklin area for Nick is the easy access to the outdoors, while still having all the amenities and comforts of city living. “We can grab a coffee at Bossa Nova, spend a morning biking along the Allegheny River, have lunch at Leonardo's, fish for trout in the afternoon, then top it off with dinner and a drink at Trails to Ales. The ability to do that within 10 miles from our home is amazing.”

    Nick said he was surprised at how strong and well-maintained the downtown area and park were. “In my experience many rural small towns fall victim to business loss and slow decay, but that is certainly not the case here. With every storefront occupied and a beautiful park Franklin was able to provide the quaint, almost quintessential small town environment that was a pleasant surprise to someone not otherwise familiar with the area.”

    Nick said the community has been unbelievably welcoming. “The Franklin Chamber of Commerce was the first organization my business joined and from the start Jodi was there and willing to help. Our area has a very rich tradition in the outdoors, and the local angling community has been a pleasure to become a part of. My wife had the luxury of growing up here and having friends in Franklin, and they welcomed me immediately and made me feel as though I'd been in Franklin my entire life.”

    Franklin is lucky to have active young families like the DelVecchios, and they are living the dream.

    “I'm grateful to be able to walk out of my house to the sound of deer bounding away while a bald eagle soars overhead as I head off to meet clients for a day on the local trout streams.”


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