• The Nelsons

  • Danae (Mong) Nelson was born and raised in Franklin. She moved to Florida after high school to pursue her passion of Pilates by becoming a certified trainer. Her grandma lives in ft. Lauderdale Florida so she chose a studio there. She stayed on to work in the sunshine state for four years after completing her training. It was a great learning experience, but she missed her family and decided to move back home to Franklin.

    “I am very close with them so I felt I was missing out on their lives,” she said.

    When she moved back, she started Impel pilates studio with her sister Anna in the same building and rooms where the two grew up dancing at Cathy Turner’s dance studio. “Things sometimes do go full circle!”

    Both Anna and Danae felt they had enough experience in teaching and running a business to make it successful, so they went for it, and are thrilled to be celebrating Impel Pilates Studio’s 10th anniversary this September. 

    “I have to say it’s been a blessing living in Franklin it’s a magical little town and everyone has been so supportive,” Danae said. “I truly love this area.”

    Some of the biggest benefits are the parks and trails and community events. Danae said she is thankful for a safe place where she and her husband Jim can raise their daughter Evelyn, where the people here are so kind.

    “It’s definitely where my sister and I were meant to be. This is a very special year for us and we can’t thank our clients and the community of Franklin and more for keeping us here.”

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