• The Kellys

  • When Jubal Kelly moved to Franklin in 2006, he didn’t know a single person here. In fact, he had never even been to Venango County before starting work at Gardinier Funeral Home.

    Jubal said as an outsider he felt very welcomed by the community and quickly adopted Franklin as his new home.

    He had heard a little bit about Applefest when he came to town, but was completely blown away after he saw his first one. He decided to get involved with the Core Committee for the festival.

    Though a job is what initially brought Jubal to Franklin, he ended up meeting his wife, Erin. Erin was born and raised in Franklin, and the couple decided this was where they would raise their own family.

    “We loved the schools for both our daughter Janie, and our son Jack. Jack has special needs and we are so happy to be where people are so good to him.”

    Jack’s needs created a need for a career change for their family. They felt so strongly in the area that they wanted to stay here, so they purchased a business in town. They are now the owners of Kelly’s Pools and Spas on Liberty Street.

    Jubal said the hard work and sense of pride the residents feel is one of the best things about the Franklin community.

    “It’s like Cheers around here, everybody knows your name. This community is very proud of what it has to offer. The people are hard working. As an outsider coming here, I felt very welcomed.”

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