• The Cinottos

  • For Jim and Mary Cinotto, life has always been an adventure and their latest adventure has brought them to their new home in Franklin, PA.

    For many, Franklin isn’t a very exciting place, and frankly, that was part of the draw for the couple.  They get asked all the time why they would move here from southern California, away from all the excitement.

    “I understand the appeal of a big city,” Jim said, “but 30 years was enough. We were ready to get back to a small town.”

    Professionally, Jim worked as a commercial painter (he even painted the interior of the theater that recently hosted the Academy Awards ceremony) and Mary worked in medical billing. They knew they wanted to relocate after retirement, but weren’t sure where to go. They lived under the same roof with their daughter and her family in order to save on housing costs in California, but when their son in law got a job offer in Buffalo, New York, they knew they wanted to come to the east coast to be closer to their grandchildren.

    The Cinotto’s are originally from a small town called Coal City, Illinois. They found Coal City, PA, on a map and thought perhaps that was the place they could make their new home. It was a little too small, though, so they randomly pointed to a city nearby, which happened to be Franklin.

    They spent two years researching Franklin – they got a relocation packet from the Franklin Area Chamber and made numerous calls to the office when they had questions. They truly fell in love with Franklin after driving through town in the fall. The seasons were something they had not seen in decades. They even like the winters, even though they had to trade their swimming pool for snow shovels.

    They made several trips to town looking for homes and were able to find a one story ranch that suits them perfectly and was well below their budget. That extra cash comes in handy when they want to travel, and they certainly do that.

    Because of the convenient central location of Franklin, they are able to visit their daughter and her family in Buffalo on a regular basis. They are also within a day’s drive of Jim’s mother in South Carolina, other family members still in Illinois, and friends in West Virginia. They also love driving to neighboring towns in search of good restaurants and taking their time to really absorb the atmosphere wherever they go. 

    Mary said she was overwhelmed with how welcoming the community has been and pleasantly surprised at all of the community events on the schedule. They host family members every year for Applefest, and love showing off their new hometown. They also attend the history lectures at DeBence Antique Music World presented by the Historic Franklin Preservation Association. They have joined the local VFW and YMCA and have already made so many friends, that it’s easy for them to call Franklin home.

    “People ask if it was hard to just pick up and move across the country. We’ve been married almost 47 years. She’s my best friend. It was the easiest thing in the world,” he said. 

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