• Shawn Jarzenski

  • Shawn Jarzenski, a Venango County native, returned to Franklin in February after living for years in Syracuse, NY.

    He wanted to live in a small town again, and being close to his family was a huge draw.

    Having lived here before, he knew the benefits of living in a small community. The only concern he had in moving back, was getting used to the rules that dictate construction in a historic district – where he purchased his first home – but now that he has gone through that process, he isn’t daunted by it anymore.

    Shawn likes to spend most of his time outdoors, so easy access to outdoor recreation along the trails and waterways was a major factor in his decision to move to Franklin.

    He also appreciates downsizing to a smaller, walkable community. “I personally like that I can walk to everything - uptown, the grocery store.  I could not have done that in Syracuse; it is huge.”

    Since returning to the area, he has become active in local events, spends much of his time outdoors, and has started his own contracting business.

    Welcome back, Shawn! It’s great to have so many young people choosing to make Franklin their home!  

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