• The Rodgers Family

  • Opening a candy store during a global pandemic may seem like a wild idea to some, but the Rodgers family had a feeling they could bring some joy to our community and they believe in this town so much they were willing to make it happen.

    Amanda and Steve Rodgers own two small businesses, Razzle Designs and Poppin’ Sweet Shop, in downtown Franklin, and are thankful for the support of the community in those endeavors. They have been involved with promoting the community through the Franklin Retail Association and the Chamber of Commerce, and continue to come up with fun, new ways to promote downtown events and holiday celebrations. Even through a crazy year like 2020.

    “The community has been amazing to us,” Amanda said, “everyone has been overwhelming supportive of our adventures.”

    Amanda was raised in Clintonville, and attended Franklin Area High School before leaving the area to pursue a job with the Court of Common Pleas in Pittsburgh, PA. She lived the city life for four years, before deciding to move back to the Franklin area to be closer to family and friends.

    The family not only works, but also lives in Franklin, and with six kids, a supportive neighborhood and community where everyone looks out for each other is key. The Rodgers family also enjoys the river, the bike trail, and the many activities that are always going on around town.

    “The people are what really make Franklin what it is. The love and support that they have for everyone whether they be a stranger or family. They reach their hearts out and welcome you to what I think is the most wonderful town,” Amanda said. “To me it’s like living in a Hallmark movie year round.”


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