• Mike Dill

  • Your perspective can make all the difference in life, and when you come from a small town like Long Lane, Missouri, a less small town like Franklin can look like a bustling metropolis. At least that’s how it seemed for Mike Dill, owner of the State Farm agency at 1252 Liberty Street, Franklin.

    Mike has been in the insurance business for 20+ years, 13 as an independent contractor, before he made the decision to stick with State Farm full time. His brother is also a State Farm agent and Mike “knew State Farm as a company that always tries to do what’s best for its customers.”

    When he was ready to start his own agency, Mike could have stayed in Missouri or moved to Rochester, NY – both locations had agency openings at the time – but he kept coming back to Franklin. His research into the area showed Franklin was a place that offered small town charm and friendliness mixed with a vibrant events schedule and lots of opportunity for business growth.

    He made the move in 2013, and after only a year he purchased the building at 1252 Liberty Street and moved his offices there. Typically agency owners do buy their own buildings, but Mike said he made the leap much earlier than most people would. The reason was simple: he knew Franklin was where he wanted to stay for the rest of his working life.

    More than any town he has visited or lived in before, Franklin represented the epitome of small town Americana. The City of Franklin’s focus on festivals and cultural events guaranteed there would always be something to do or see for the new guy in town. All of the activities in Franklin were a professional bonus too, as the community events provided dozens of opportunities for him and his staff to get involved in the community through volunteerism and sponsorships.

    As for being the new guy, Mike said he is impressed with how welcoming the Franklin community has been to him. He has been able to meet new friends through Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, and by shopping and dining at local businesses.

    Mike still travels a lot, professionally and personally, and loves the easy access to larger cities like Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, New York and Cleveland. He also enjoys bringing his friends and family from those areas to Franklin for visits. They all have been impressed with the history, charm and natural beauty of the area and love visiting, he said.

    The natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation are great for visitors, and even better for residents like Mike who spend a lot of time outdoors. Mike said he enjoys all four seasons (even the cold ones) and spends a time on the area’s beautiful trails or waterways every day. 

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