• Sheet Metal Operator

    Posted: 10/25/2020

    Job Title:         Sheet Metal Operator             Supervisor Title:  Production Supervisor
    Department:    Sheet Metal                                         Status:                 Non-Exempt
    Pega/Shear     1500 Laser      4400 Laser      Press Brake   Spot-weld/Floor
    Job Summary:
                A Sheet Metal Operator is responsible for knowledge of machines and tools including their design, uses, repair and maintenance as they relate to the sheet metal cutting and bending/forming functions. 
                A Sheet Metal Operator is required to have knowledge of blueprints to determine required cutting and forming methods and equipment.  Must be able to interpret prints and be able to verify conformance of finished product to the print.
    Must be able to lay out, position and form parts, components or structures.  according to specifications.   A Sheet Metal Operator may use lasers for cutting sheet metal, press punches and press brakes for forming and bending. May operate rolls for forming and spot-welder for joining sheet metal.
                An Operator will also be responsible for his/her safety and the safety of those around him/her.  This will include a clean workstation before/during/after daily production.

    • Job Duties:
    • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Read blueprints – analyze drawings and specifications to plan layout, cutting, bending/forming operations
    • Perform bending/forming techniques over a lengthy time span
    • Be able to use spot or tack welding techniques
    • Be comfortable with reading micrometers and calipers
    • Examine products or work to verify conformance to specifications
    • Maintain appropriate records, reports
    • Clean work area
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Job Skills/Abilities:
    • Use of press brake, laser and punch press  equipment
    • Push/pull 40 lbs of materials
    • Use of hand tools
    • Good hand/eye coordination
    • Manual dexterity
    • Be able to bend, stretch, twist or reach
    • Be mechanically inclined
    • Self-motivated (independent)
    • 8 hour shift (some overtime may be required)
    • Dirty environment
    • Noisy environment
    • Some temperature extremes
      • Repetition Lifting and carrying 20-50 pounds
      • Frequent standing
      • Frequent bending, kneeling, and reaching
      • Standing for long periods of time
      • Pushing and pulling of materials
      • Be able to bend, stretch, twist, and reach
      • Repetitive motion with one or both hands
      • Good hand/eye coordination
    Receipt of the Press Brake Job Description indicates you have received a copy of this job description.  It does not mean that you are limited to only these job requirements.  As Press Brake Operator, you may be asked to perform other duties as assigned.

    Any interested applicants can apply by emailing their resume to careers@specfab.com

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