• Jessica Ewing-Falco

  • For Jessica Ewing-Falco, ‘Franklin’ is synonymous with ‘family.’

    Jessica lived in Franklin for a large part of her childhood after moving around a bit with her parents for her father’s work. From 6th grade on, she attended and graduated from the Franklin Area School District. She left home to join the US Navy in 2005, and served 5 years as a Navy Corpsman in Bethesda, MD and Portsmouth, VA as a Corpsman. During that time, she worked for Naval Mortuary Affairs and earned her license and degree in Funeral Directing and Embalming from Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    But even then, she always knew she would be back, she just wasn’t sure exactly how long she would be away. She wanted to be close to her parents, at the time her younger sister ( who now lives a military life in North Dakota) and her extended family.

    She returned to the area in 2012, to work at her family’s business, Landscaping Connections and C&S Hilltop Hardware.

    Now, she stays here for her children and the opportunities a small community offers their growing and expanding lives.

    “I have two children now and I wouldn’t want to raise them anywhere but Franklin. I am here for as long as they are in school and our family is around here,” she said.

    Jessica’s family has a strong social connection to many groups of people in the community and their network is large.

    “I was prepared for the type of life Franklin offers when I moved back from the big city. I don’t regret it at all, I enjoy the slower pace and the community we live in,” Jessica said.

    Jessica loves the small town community. “I enjoy knowing people everywhere I go. There is always something to do, places to go, people to see and I enjoy knowing that if I ever need anything there is an army of people on standby.”

    The outdoor community is a large part of Jessica’s life and she and her children enjoy all of the activities that our area offers. She is the President of the Allegheny River Rats river boat social group. She is also a board member of the Franklin Rotary Club and enjoys the community service and social offerings that presents.

    “This town is small and no doubt has its share of complications, but for the most part I wouldn’t ever want to live anywhere else. (Cold winters and all!)”

    Moving back to Franklin also helped Jessica’s career path take another turn in 2019, when she began working for Creekside Granite, an opportunity that allows for working with people to design their dream spaces, and travel to exotic locales like Italy and Brazil.

    “Justin (Zacherl) and I operate Creekside Granite and More in Reno and we are able to work with clients from all over the area to renovate and create spaces that they dream up. We stock, fabricate design and install granite and quartz countertops, vanities and other applications. We also offer cabinets, tile, flooring, and general entertaining company while designing spaces for our clients. I love meeting new people, visiting their homes, helping them make decisions to complete their projects. I have the best job, and I love what we do!

    “I love that my kids know people everywhere they go. They are able to learn our trades and experience a small town life with us and if they decide to grow up and move away, they will have social and technical skills that will be able to provide a great life for them! I am excited for the future for us, our community, and our families.”

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