• Ashleigh Bennett

  • If you attended any of the Taste of Talent vocal contests in the summer of 2017, or frequent Bossa Nova Café in downtown Franklin, then you may already be familiar with Ashleigh M. Bennett.

    Ashleigh moved to Franklin about a year ago. She had already been working in the community, but was living in neighboring Oil City, and felt that Franklin would be a better fit for her. “I was right! I had met so many people from the community through working here, and Franklin felt much more like home,” she said.

    Ashleigh grew up in Ninevah, just outside Knox, and left the area to live in Scranton, PA for several years.

    “As a child, any time we would drive through Franklin, I remember thinking to myself ‘Well...if I wind up staying in Western PA, I think I could live in Franklin. It's so cute. I think I could handle it,’ and here we are.”

    What she likes best about Franklin is the community, events, the appreciation for the arts, and all of the local businesses. “I have had the privilege of getting to know many of the local business owners, and I love being able to support people I know!”

    “I love the community. Honestly, that sounds pretty cliché, but I love how people come together for so many different events. I love that, despite being such a small town, we still manage to have stuff going on all the time, especially in the summer. I also really love how much attention Franklin is giving to the arts. I'm a musician and have already benefited so much from the programs and events the city puts together.”

    One of the special treats you might not realize unless you live downtown is that you can have vendor food during the many, many festivals throughout the year. “That was a pretty unexpected and wonderful (and also mildly expensive) realization to come to,” Ashleigh teased. 

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